Privately assisted cremation international complex personalized services

Accompaniment services



ÆTERNA FUNERAL COMPLEX offers full support and help for grieving families. Our team of professionals will leave nothing to chance and make sure to bring you all the necessary guidance in the preparation and conduct of the funeral service without any surprises.


  • Funeral planning is always customized according to your choices and preferences as to the farewell ceremony or tribute, or a particular ritual
  • Complete arrangements with the cemeteries are handled by us, e.g. Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, Mount Royal, St. Francis of Assisi and others
  • Cremation service is performed on-site at ÆTERNA Crematorium, with a private ceremony room that can accommodate both small and larger groups
  • Preparation of all the documentation and procedures required for obtaining a death benefit of $2,500 (maximum amount), or any other assistance to which you may be entitled
  • Repatriation services or transportation abroad, including all the documentation
  • Funeral service coordination down to the last detail – we take care of everything!
  • Support and counseling, and always listening

We prepare all the documentation required, to accommodate you, following the death of a loved one.