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Monuments and Engraving


We offer a vast selection of monuments that will meet and exceed your preferences. Please come and visit our consultants who will help you and answer all of your questions.


  • Anthracite – Charcoal grey
  • Yellow beige
  • Aurora
  • Bahamas blue
  • Belfast black
  • Indian red


  • Names and dates can be engraved on an existing monument
  • Re-give life to an existing monument
  • Restoring an older monument to its former beauty. See before and after.

Whether your need purchasing and engraving a monument, or restoring a family monument, our expert consultants can take care of everything according to your requirements.

ÆTERNA funeral complex/ MAISON AARON is a reference in the domain. We have a long experience not only in French and English, but also in specific languages or characters such as Chinese, Cyrillic and others.