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Repatriation From Outside the Country

Wednesday, 10 January 2018
Repatriation From Outside the Country

One of your loved ones has died and still has family outside the country? Or has died while outside the country? Or you have roots outside the country and are preparing your own funeral pre-arrangements? Managing a death is complex for most people, but when repatriation of the deceased is added to all that, the process may become really complicated. A death plunges loved ones into emotional chaos, and this difficult but natural stage of life can make them feel totally bewildered. Imagine that overwhelming feeling when added to the need to complete formalities in a country where language, laws and customs differ from your own!

For sure, repatriation of human remains is a complex process governed by very strict standards, particularly in terms of sanitary considerations, and it involves several administrative steps as well. First, the proper authorities must be contacted, in order to obtain the necessary documents, including the death certificate, autopsy reports, if applicable, and documents for insurance companies. Then, the preparation of human remains also requires knowledge of the rules of the various airlines, as each one has its own rules on such shipments.

Support beyond compare for repatriation

The Aeterna Complex specializes in multi-ethnic and international funeral services. Moreover, it is one of the only funeral complexes to offer international repatriation services—and in your own language. Thanks to its expertise in this field, the Aeterna Complex team is well acquainted with the procedures, laws and protocols of each country and has established contacts with embassies as well.

All these important steps require a lot of time and organization. Specialists’ support gives bereaved people time to organize the other aspects of the funeral, burial or cremation, in keeping with the wishes of the deceased as well as with family customs and values. Professional support therefore provides the deceased’s loved ones with the space they need to mourn, freeing them from the worries associated with this event.

Ceremonies outside the country

Many people want to be buried outside the country where they live. Their choice is often motivated by their religious convictions or the will to go back to their roots. Funeral services may nevertheless be held in Canada and the human remains may then be transported for burial or cremation with the deceased’s family outside the country.

Following a death, it is important to contact your funeral director as soon as possible to minimize delays, which vary depending on the cause or location of death. Costs may also differ depending on the country and its currency. At the Aeterna Complex, our team takes care of the administrative formalities and helps you to choose the right coffin and the fastest means of transport. They provide you with support throughout this process, with attentive listening and respect.

For full details of this unique service, contact the Aeterna Complex team.