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What Type of Flowers to Choose for a Funeral

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Flowers allow us to express our feelings in moments when words seem to have lost their meaning. Present throughout the grieving process, during the funeral rituals or sent to loved ones as a show of support, flowers help ease people’s minds and honour the memory of the deceased. Understanding their significance will help you choose flowers for a funeral based on the personality of the deceased and your degree of closeness to them.


The queen of flowers, roses are traditionally the flowers most commonly chosen by mourners to pay tribute to a loved one. White roses represent purity, reverence, and humility, while red roses symbolize deep love; for this reason, the colour red is generally reserved for spouses and intimate relations. Pink roses emphasize kindness and sympathy, while dark red roses are signs of sorrow and grief.

The act of tossing a rose onto the casket during burial symbolizes the eternal bond that unites the mourner and the deceased.


Often associated with funeral services, lilies let you show your affection while representing the innocence recovered by the soul of the deceased. A majestic flower, the lily can be used in arrangements such as wreaths. A symbol of majesty and purity, it’s often found in Catholic funerals.

The Stargazer lily, which has a striped pink flower, signifies encouragement in difficult struggles and is often used in funeral bouquets.


A symbol of eternity, chrysanthemums require little care and bloom until the appearance of the first frost, since they can withstand the harshest climates. They often appear in floral arrangements for funeral services and go together perfectly with roses to pay tribute to the deceased. They’re perfect for paying respectful and discreet homage to an acquaintance or colleague.


Available year-round, carnations symbolize discretion, respect, tenderness, and grief. These flowers are suitable for people who want to show their affection but aren’t very close to the deceased or their family.

The colours of the flowers

Flowers signify different things depending on their colours, and these days, the colours of the flowers are often chosen based on the personality of the deceased. Bright colours can therefore be chosen if the deceased had a strong temperament, while more understated colours such as white or pastel are more suitable if the deceased had a calm personality. When the deceased is a child, the colour white, a symbol of purity, is usually used in the funeral, regardless of the kinds of flowers chosen.


Pastel-coloured flowers also symbolize nostalgia and tenderness for the deceased and are often used by friends, most often to honour the memory of a woman. Blue tones, which are rarer, can be used to complement bouquets composed for funerals for men. Mauve flowers are often associated with the grieving process and the loss of a loved one, since they symbolize sadness and serenity.

Today, the choice of flowers and colours is more related to age and personality, rather than being based on codes. In addition to the traditional mourning flowers, all kinds of flowers and plants are now used in arrangements, and brightly coloured flowers are becoming increasingly common.