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After more than twenty years servicing the community, we have the experience to assist you in planning and organizing a funeral that will respect your beliefs, your values ​​and traditions. We will be happy to tailor the service to meet your most specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask your consultant at COMPLEX FUNERAL ÆTERNA / Division – Maison AARON.

Our facility is ready to offer services that are consistent with your needs, your traditions or customs.


In the image of the loved one

While not new, personalized funerals are popular with many families these days.  This approach reflects a change in the mentality of people.  Families now tend to set aside the imposing traditions of the past, in favor of offering  the deceased a funeral that reflects who that person was, a special way of sharing emotions and of saying goodbye.

Ritual adapted to the needs of families

Adapting to today’s market, funeral homes can respond with dignity and compassion to the new trend towards highly personalized memorials, which come in a variety of forms.  For example, different decorative elements can be displayed next to the casket or urn; some families will use a video presentation, chamber music, pre-recorded tributes or photographs; others may choose a casket with interchangeable corners; holding the service in a special location or use vehicles or items (clothing, tools, etc) that will remind each individual in their own way an aspect of the life or the personality of the deceased. Including different items or using symbols that were closely connected with the deceased is becoming common, although this custom dates back to ancient times; indeed, many tombs have been found to contain familiar objects that were meant to accompany the deceased on his/her journey to the afterlife.

The main focus remains on the deceased however, it is very important to help the people still here. It is advisable, nevertheless, that this practice be kept within the limits of good ethics, dignity and respect. Keeping in mind that a personalized  funeral should be around the person most important in the eyes of the family and, that this type of expression is first and above all to help those who remain to live the stages of mourning. The families have to realize that this reminder of the deceased, that the type items or the importance of the decorations, for example, cannot by themselves express the true depth of their love for the person. Regardless of the circumstance, the funeral home chosen by the family can advise them and help them to plan a personalized funeral which meets their needs and expectations for a heartfelt tribute that is still dignified.


Commemorating an individual can be either simple or elaborate

Commemoration can be planned

Generally, it is during the prearrangements that it is easier to discuss commemoration and take down notes for it’s personalization.  It can be as simple as creating a photomontage or video, by displaying special items having great meaning to the deceased, or simply by recreating a particular habit of the deceased. An example is:  During the prearrangement of this man’s funeral, he ate chocolate covered marshmallow cookies in the same manner as he had taught his children and grand-children; by crushing them and eating the chocolat first.

This habit was noted in the prearrangement papers.  At the time of the funeral, it was decided, that at the reception after the funeral service, everyone was to crush a chocolate covered marshmallow cookie and eat it in the same way.  All this was done in the loving memory of the dearly departed.

Commemoration can be decided on during the funeral arrangements, just prior to the viewing

Whether it is done by photographs, a video, display of special items or through readings, this show of affection will be done while emotional stress.  Our team will be able to guide and help you to ensure a commemoration worthy of your expections.

Commemoration can be conducted after the funeral services

Everyone wants to commemorate their loved one, by choosing a special design or wording for the monument, urn, reliquary, thank-you cards or newspaper announcements.  Our years of experience can guide and assist in choosing among the options available.